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Prometrium is the most important hormone of pregnancy. It is responsible for the direction of the movement of sperm to the egg and determines their activity. It is vital during the maturation of sperm. All the indicators you need to know before conception. Deviation from the norm has different consequences for the body. First of all, it affects the nature of the menstrual cycle. The decline affects the ability of women and girls to bear children. There are other unpleasant signs. It should be noted that timely treatment freely corrects all unpleasant alarming indicators.

  • Prometrium as known as: Agolutin, Belgest, Ciclosterona, Crinone, Cyclogest, Cygest, Darstin, Endometrin, Esolut, Estima, Evapause, Florgynal, Geslutin, Gestagen, Gester, Gesterol, Gestone
  • Strength: 100mg, 200mg
  • Package: 30,60,90,120,180 pills
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You can buy cheap prometrium online over the counter by placing an order through the online pharmacy. It is implemented only by prescription. First of all, you need to make sure of the authenticity of the drug or write a prescription form from a specialist. If you get to go to the wholesale supplier, it will save. The price of the drug varies depending on the region and starts at an average of $ 3, it is at a dosage of the active substance in 1%. If its share is 2.5%, the initial cost of the drug is $ 9.


Any change in the progesterone index hurts the woman's body. Being in a position, in the case of changes in the level of organic matter, increases the risk of miscarriage. Uterine bleeding is also possible. There are situations that a married couple can not have a child for a long time. As practice shows, the decrease in the level of organic matter can be the reason for this. Recovery and bringing the indicators back to normal will help fertilize the egg. Modern science has stepped far forward. The best minds have developed various drugs that bring the indicators back to normal (the level is normalized). One of the most effective is Progesterone.

Precautions for use

In any heart disease, diabetes (constantly monitored blood sugar), asthma, epilepsy is used with extreme caution. Under the strict guidance of the attending physician. Also in this list includes depression, headaches, kidney failure. In some cases, the application is terminated.

Not recommended for people with mental disorders. In the event of a depressive state, the drug is discontinued. It is possible to stop menstruation.

Necessary measures related to the situation

It is used to prevent the threat of interruption. After seven and a half months of the term, the reception stops, the same thing in the planning of conception. During lactation, the use is excluded, the active ingredient penetrates the mammary glands, eventually getting into the body of the baby.


Before the introduction of the drug, it must be heated in a water bath to 40 degrees Celsius. If there is a loss of crystals in the ampoule, then the capsule is heated at a boiling point of water, until the crystals are completely dissolved.

Adverse reaction

As with any drug, progesterone also has them. Sometimes it increases blood pressure, headaches, insomnia, chest pain, burning in the external genitals, menstrual irregularities, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea. Possible transformation with weight (decrease, increase).

Storage is allowed for 5 years. It is also worth remembering that progesterone without a prescription is not released.

World situation

As practice shows, the drug is very popular in different countries of the world.

Multiple reviews on the portals show the effectiveness of the drug and help its women. After numerous analyses of the portals with reviews, the overall rating of users is 4.5, and 95% of residents explicitly recommend it. Other similar platforms show approximately the same results.

Progesterone is very popular in the USA. According to data from analytical agencies, in 2018 it entered the top ten most purchased drugs. Since 1995, it was during this period began to conduct these statistics, it is consistently included in the 20 of this rating. Numerous experts confirm its effectiveness (otherwise the drug would not have been prescribed).

In UK, scientists conducted laboratory studies, whether it can adversely affect the health of patients, and whether the risk of miscarriage during use. The data obtained showed that no deviations were observed. The body shows a negative reaction in the case of Allergy to certain elements of the drug. Thanks to these studies, sales of the funds have increased significantly. According to some reports, 1.5 times. Globally, this is a huge figure.

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